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The use of modern fittings controls the flow of water or gases in pipelines. Their main purpose is to close pipelines. Components such as pressure reducers; self-closing valves or mixers can also be found under the term fittings. At Benkiser, you´re mainly offered mixer taps for use in public washrooms. You can find detailed information about these fittings here on the Benkiser homepage. The Benkiser team is happy to be your personal partner for technical questions.

Benkiser can look back on an eventful and profound history, which is accompanied by a wealth of experience in the development of fittings. This is why the Benkiser range offers a wide variety of different basin- and wall-mounted fittings for use in public sanitary areas. This also includes touchless faucets with timeless design in order to set particularly high demands on hygiene, security against vandalism and water saving.

Benkiser fittings are characterized by uncompromising quality, timeless design and harmonious interplay of the products. Therefore, the valves are developed under strict guidelines, some of which are specially established, which are often higher than the required quality standards, e.g. the DVGW. Sustainability is not only one of Benkiser’s core values, it is also part of the program.

The intelligent controls make it possible to reduce water consumption even further. This is ensured by the individually configurable water run time, follow-up time or safety shutdown. Cross-contamination is prevented by non-contact sensors that are well hidden in the fittings. As with other types of fittings, the self-releasing hygienic flush, cleaning the water pipe, also with the sensor fittings, ensures additional safety. Some fittings can be used very flexibly thanks to the dual power principle from Benkiser and can also be operated via batteries and the power supply. With a broad view of a wide range of possible applications, fittings from Benkiser can be installed on washbasins, on walls, exposed and concealed.

In addition to the materialistic features, Benkiser pursues other important quality requirements. Due to the customer proximity, special emphasis is placed on the haptic experience, i.e. the handling experience is meticulously checked and the fittings can be used quietly and pleasantly. If you add the long service life of the products to this, as a customer of Benkiser you get very good solutions that are characterized by sustainability and economic efficiency.

Especially when it comes to commercial washrooms, the faucets from Benkiser stand out from competition as they are extremely durable and easy to use. Depending on the design requirements, the faucets can be supplied in gold, stainless steel, chrome and many more. Gold faucets in particular are currently very popular. The materials used at Benkiser are of very high quality, which is why many products are developed in the durable all-metal design in one cast. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right products. In this way you will find the right products for your project in a very short time.

Benkiser is happy to consult with you on the various options during the project planning phase. The product range is very extensive and also includes faucets with external or internal solenoid valves, piezo buttons and various thermostats. Due to the large number of different faucets, Benkiser would like to make focusing and planning as easy as possible for you. Therefore, on this homepage you will find not only images of real areas of application but also interesting technical details such as connection sizes, dimensions and installation instructions. On the detail pages you will find other matching products for each product, as well as the right spare parts at a glance. So you are well equipped and the water flows the way you want it – with constant flow and temperature.

Thanks to the great design faucets, you can be sure that the washroom is equipped with elements that fit together harmoniously. This is what the Benkiser series Sintra, Metrix, Fashion and Primus promise in particular. Those who value a classic design will also find what they are looking for at Benkiser. For this purpose, Benkiser has developed products with traditional design elements that convince with charm and classic design.

Benkiser exactly knows the requirements thanks to the customer proximity that is lived out on a daily basis. Also special products are developed such as the contactless disinfection station with Sintra hand sanitizer, which impresses with an elegant design and contactless activation.

A specially developed pre-mixer thermostat supplies water at the preset temperature. This prevents painful scalding. It is particularly important for use e.g. in kindergartens.

With these special options, Benkiser delivers holistic solutions and thus ensures great experiences in many other areas in which public sanitary areas and washrooms play an important role. This not only applies to public toilets, but also kitchens, boiler rooms and showers. Benkiser faucets can also be found in swimming pools, hotels and educational institutions.

Get in contact. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research – right from the planning stage of your project.