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The abbreviation WC stands for the English “water closet”, which is referred to in German as Klosett or Klo. Toilets are available in different versions and are usually installed on a pre-wall element system. A toilet is flushed using a pressure plate or a push button. At Benkiser, you can also get touchless toilet flush valves that trigger the flushing process without touching any buttons. These are particularly suitable for public and commercial washrooms.

If you are looking for a modern toilet flush, you will find the right toilet flush at Benkiser. In the toilet area, Benkiser has specialized in the development of toilet flushes for wall-hung and floor-standing toilets. It does not matter whether it is a washdown or washbasin. In addition to the great designs of the toilet flushers, the focus is primarily on hygiene. The non-contact elements prevent cross-contamination.

The toilet flushers from Benkiser are developed in-house and produced with their own components. This ensures in-depth knowledge in development and, thanks to the customer proximity, ensures that the range is optimally tailored to customer requirements. The intelligent control systems of Benkiser products can be used, for example, to set individual running times for the washing processes. This ensures a reduced water consumption with every wash cycle, starting from 1 liter per wash. The technology can be invisibly flush-mounted and surface-mounted. You get maximum flexibility with the Benkiser products due to the fact that they can be operated via battery and also via the mains.

The company’s own requirements for quality, sustainability and the materials used are often higher than the minimum requirements set by well-known bodies. Customers notice this at the latest after the simple assembly of the products, namely when they are used.

Every product is made to last, and you can feel it in use. The material is high-quality, haptically an experience and ensures a satisfied feeling with every use – not just with the knowledge that you have done something good to protect the environment by saving water. In public washrooms such as motorway toilets, restaurants and hotels, good feel, hygiene and the right design are important aspects. That is why Benkiser offers a wide range of elegant, high-quality toilet flushes.

The “Benkiser Evergreen”, the 828 WC Flusher, has already proven for several decades that it can be used for years without any problems. Only Benkiser customers have the option, of regulating the running time with this Benkiser lift-and-rinse classic. In this way, the flushing time can be set individually, and water can be actively saved while maintaining the same flushing performance. The 828 is manufactured in the all-metal version. This enables vandal-proof use in highly frequented washrooms. If wear parts need to be exchanged, they can be exchanged quickly and easily without removing the washer.

A true flushing professional, the 845 WC flushing device with BENKISER automatic, always works reliably even at low water pressure and always delivers 6 liters of water per flush. Customers therefore have two great advantages with this product: Economical water consumption with great washing performance. The 845 is manufactured in the all-metal version. This is well protected against vandalism. The 845 can also be used optimally in highly frequented guard rooms. Wear parts can be exchanged without removing the washer.

The 890 toilet flush is entering the world’s markets. The Benkiser 890 flush is particularly trusted in Arab countries and particularly in Mecca. The 890 is the expert when it comes to low-pressure flushers and therefore the first choice when it comes to particularly low water pressure. Even in particularly difficult environments, the 890 always proves its worth, it shines with a noticeably good washing performance.

The hygienic solution for the toilet area is the sensor toilet from Benkiser. The toilet electronics detects people in the sensor area and automatically flush when they leave the toilet. This enables hygienic and contactless use. If desired, the flush valve can also be triggered manually at the push of a button. Since no flushing tank is used with the flush valve, the formation of germs is prevented. The integrated and adjustable hygienic flush ensures that flushing takes place at defined intervals. The stainless-steel plate of the sensor electronics offers increased protection against vandals and is therefore ideal for all highly frequented public washrooms.

Benkiser combines the two worlds of design and function and thus manages to meet the high demands of customers in terms of design, hygiene and economy. The company knows the exact requirements and develops products for real use under real conditions. Much does not only take place in theory but is put through its paces and tested. The products can therefore be used for a long time – even if they are used frequently – and wear parts can often be exchanged quickly and easily.

Are you looking for the right toilet flush? Get in contact with us. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research – right from the planning stage of your project.