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A shower is also known as a shower head and aims to provide a great shower experience. Most shower heads are known to have different setting options. Some shower heads also offer additional functions and have additional nozzles for an even more intense shower experience. This means that a shower head is not only suitable for cleaning the body, but also for relaxing the mind and soul. There are many different mounting options, including concealed installation and as a panel. But the showers work in the same way.

The Benkiser shower heads ensure a spa experience in public sanitary areas. They are particularly suitable for shower rooms with high demands on hygiene and design. Especially in the field of care or sports, e.g. in hospitals or fitness studios, these shower heads are ideal. Exceedingly in fitness studios, strained muscles require stronger massage jets in order to experience a relaxing feeling.

By using the intelligent control from Benkiser, individual running times for the water flow can be set. The high-quality all-metal designs ensure a long and reliable function. Another special feature is the automatic hygienic flush. This ensures additional cleanliness in damp areas such as wet rooms or swimming pool showers and prevents the formation of germs. The shower head can also be rinsed fully automatically with hot water using manual thermal disinfection. As a retrofit solution, the shower heads can be easily installed and exchanged.

The Benkiser shower heads ensure an incomparable shower experience and can be combined in many ways. There are no annoying hoses and are therefore a great eye-catcher – only the thermostat, mixer or piezo button protrudes from the wall. Among other things, the self-closing valves developed in-house are used in the showers. Cleaning is very easy thanks to sophisticated technology.

Since the running time of the water flow and the water pressure can be set individually, the required amount of water and therefore the water consumption can be sustainably reduced. The water-saving shower heads from Benkiser not only make showering more fun thanks to their greater ease of use, but also because they use less water – because high-quality shower heads save on water, not on the shower experience. Therefore, customers of Benkiser do not experience a reduction in comfort with the water-saving shower heads, but an additional increase in satisfaction with the knowledge that they have done something for nature.

With its portfolio of shower (heads) and shower elements, Benkiser offers many options for creating your own wellness oasis. You can find detailed information about the showers and shower panels here on the Benkiser homepage. You will find matching accessories for the individual products as well as spare parts that are relevant at first glance. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you on choosing the right products. This way you will find the right option for your project in a very short time.

Benkiser lives in close proximity to its customers every day. Therefore, the team can respond individually to the needs and requirements of specific customers. The extensive Benkiser shower range has been continuously optimized over the years and offers the right solution for all possible uses.

Therefore, in addition to the charming combinations of showers with Benkiser shower thermostats, there are also shower systems such as the element shower panel. With the Element product line, a great design of public washrooms is possible. The rounded edges and the linear design combined with a robust body, made of aluminum with an epoxy coating, fits into every modern shower area. You have the choice of a panel with self-closing function, which is operated with cold or mixed water, or you can rely on the convenience of a thermostat. Here Benkiser offers the options for shower panels between a modern piezo button or automatic self-closing push button.

The robust all-metal thermostat from Benkiser is suitable for all showers with the highest demands on workmanship, material and quality. The elegant cover plate with control buttons made of metal offer an extra robustness that is required in public bathroom facilities around the world. The water temperature can be conveniently set using thermostats and burns can be avoided thanks to the integrated scalding protection. The running time of the self-closing showers can be adjusted between 10 and 40 seconds according to your needs. Thermal disinfection at 75 degrees Celsius is possible to prevent the formation of germs such as Legionella in shower heads.

The Benkiser shower heads of the 595 series are ideal for use in public shower facilities. Thanks to the self-cleaning anti-limescale function, a shower experience like the one on the first day is possible even after long periods of use. Various water-saving options offer you the opportunity to find exactly the shower head for your area of requirements. The shower heads 5951209 and 5951207 are also protected against vandalism and suicidal preventive – therefore ideal for areas with special requirements for the products used.

Since the Benkiser shower heads are secured against vandalism, they are just as suitable in psychiatric hospitals and prisons, as well as in areas where, in addition to personal hygiene, suicidal prevention is an important decision-making criterion.

Are you looking for the right fittings? Get in contact. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research – right from the planning stage of your project.