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Berührungslose Desinfektionsstation, Sintra

The Benkiser disinfection station is an innovative solution. The contactless soap dispensers from Benkiser can also be operated excellently with disinfectants. Benkiser had known that for a long time. After the disinfection stations became part of our everyday life, the Benkiser team thought about how to solve it even better and more elegantly.

The Fun Disinfection Station was specially developed for use with children. Rounded edges, lockable pedestal, castors that allow easy placement and the option to switch between electricity and battery operation. These benefits maximize the flexibility of the product when used with children, e.g., in kindergartens or schools. Nothing stands in the way of child-friendly hand disinfection.

The Sintra Disinfection Station is an eye-catcher in every high-quality washroom thanks to its elegant design and the hidden sensors in the spout. Customers are also offered high-quality solutions for hand disinfection. With the 6 liter tank, the station is also ideal for highly frequented areas such as airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, religious institutions, offices and stadiums.

The Thermostatic Mixing Valve, is a small and handy unit that can be easily installed between the water connection and the valve. This ensures that the preset water temperature is always maintained.

The integrated scald protection ensures that if the pressure in the cold water pipe drops, the water flow is blocked in order to avoid burns. That is why Benkiser recommends the DVWG-certified premixer for use in kindergartens and schools.

Vormischer II mit Thermostat
Sensor Waschstation

The Sensor Waschstation is the perfect “plug & play” solution for the contactless washroom. The thermostat unit, the soap dispenser and the hand dryer are hidden behind the mirror in a cabinet. The illuminated pictograms on the front of the mirror enable intuitive use. The use is completely contactless. A cold and hot water connection and a power connection are required. The washing station can then be put into operation.

The mixing unit reliably supplies the water at the preset temperature.

The touchless soap dispenser provides a precisely dosed amount of soap when hands are placed under the sensor of the dispenser. After washing your hands, the built-in high-speed hand dryer dries your hands in less than 10 seconds. This makes the washing station ideal for high traffic washrooms. The lockable cabinet ensures that only authorized persons have access to the components. The large 6-liter soap tank can easily be filled with many commercially available soaps. Our recommendation for soap and disinfectant solution can be found here.

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The products from the Benkiser range already offer a wide range of flexible uses. Benkiser’s strengths lie primarily in the in-house development and manufacture of the components. This enables Benkiser to offer suitable solutions for very special applications and to react quickly to new market requirements. You can find detailed information about the special products here on the Benkiser homepage. The Benkiser team is also happy to be your personal partner for technical questions.

Special use cases require special mindsets. Therefore, the special products from Benkiser are always used where the standard products are not sufficient. Thanks to the in-house development and manufacture of the products, Benkiser is able to provide suitable solutions even for the most unusual situations. Benkiser can score points with its in-depth knowledge, especially in the area of non-contact products that place high demands on hygiene. For example, Benkiser is actively addressing the challenge of preventing cross-contamination in public washrooms.

Innovations such as individual running times for flushing, configurable dosing quantities, dual power for battery and power grid use, make Benkiser products flexible in use. Many of the products offer hygienic flushes at intervals and by use of thermal disinfection germ formation can be prevented.

Customers know that Benkiser products work economically, quickly and for a long time. Therefore, these are often found in commercial washrooms. The company pays attention to integrability. The many elegant and technically sophisticated complete solutions in the range, from 3 in 1 solutions to mirror cabinets, so-called “behind the mirror” solutions and many more, round off the portfolio.

Get in contact with us. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research – right from the planning stage of your project.