One of our great strengths is our spare parts warehouse, with which we enable our customers to have short delivery times for important spare parts. The readiness for immediate delivery of our spare parts is 99%. This enables us to ensure an efficient and fast supply of spare parts.

Use the PRODUCTFINDER to quickly find the right products and the associated spare parts.

On the Benkiser homepage, customers have an easy way of quickly finding the right spare part. The specially developed PRODUCTFINDER can be used for this.

In this way, customers receive for any product, necessary and suitable products. In addition to relevant technical details, the Benkiser database also contains technical drawings, connection sizes, dimensions and installation instructions.

Do you need more information and help? Then get in touch. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research.

The longevity of products with frequent use is not only due to the high quality of the materials used. This also includes the simple procurement and replacement of wear parts. Here, too, the innovative products from Benkiser, which are produced with a lot of experience and customer proximity in-house development and production, increase the economy.

Benkiser products are developed for use high frequency bathrooms and for long-term use. If something is worn over time, Benkiser will provide you with original spare parts. The necessary components, wear and spare parts are “Made in Germany”.

Affected components often include self-sealing components, Teflon-coated elements, filters and device valves. Benkiser customers will also find what they are looking for when it comes to washing machine connections and compression fittings. Of course, Teflon tapes and flexible hoses are also included.

In order to extend the longevity even further, Benkiser also offers cleaning products.

As a craftsman, wear is inevitable and spare parts are relevant sooner or later. Certain components wear out after many years of use. In most cases, these can be exchanged quickly and easily and the fittings or valves then function properly again. This can be the case after long periods of use, especially with hoses, sealing rings and valves that are subject to particularly high loads.

If a tap drips or if the handle is very difficult to close, or if the amount of water has changed despite the handle position remaining the same, this indicates a possible defect.

Our recommendation: We always change the entire set of seals. This saves you time and money. The important seals are always ready to hand.