Intelligent solutions for
innovative sanitary rooms


The business market is constantly changing. The market environment demands adjustments and new developments, because only those who can adapt to current conditions can meet the requirements. Particularly in the context of the growing scarcity of resources, the sustainability of our trade is in focus. Every step we take is thought through accordingly.

Our innovations are based on detailed market and environment analyses. This allows us to focus on developing the right solutions and products for our customers.

Benkiser innovation in particular plays an important role in the corporate divisions of development, processes and also in the digitalization of production.



We manufacture in-house. Therefore, we always guarantee increased process reliability with rising productivity. Short and clear processes enable us to respond very flexibly to our customers’ requirements. The promotion of innovations is our top priority. We ensure better quality and save time and money in the process.

With over 110 years of experience on a wide range of projects in the plumbing industry, we understand our customers’ needs. Reliability and sound advice are especially important to today’s architects, designers, specifiers and developers. Benkiser provides optimal solutions for the public and commercial sectors with outstanding design and uncompromising quality in products.

Project- and solution-oriented


Benkiser offers its customers the best possible introduction to handling the products. A training concept developed by experts ensures that all our target groups are optimally trained and taught how to handle the products.