Sustainable and hygienic
Create feel-good sanitary rooms

Our mission: Reduce water consumption

We use our innovative strength to tackle one of the greatest human problems of the future. At our plant in Burglengenfeld, the Benkiser team researches and develops new solutions to save the world’s most important resource, water. In doing so, we create added value for everyone who uses our products. We secure the need for water for today and tomorrow.

We are proud of our
technological advances.

With style, elegance and an environmentally friendly strategy, our products help conserve local water resources. With constant energy savings and lower water consumption, we have been securing the needs for the next generations since 1909. Our success proves us right.

Green thinking

Conserve resources

Saving water, soap and
Energy and no waste
through paper

Feel good


Attractive modern colours
as well as shapely and
modern design.



Contactless and therefore free
Solutions that can be used against germs. No water drops or puddles
on the walkways and thus no slipping.