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Regular washing of your hands removes dirt and germs. Above all, this prevents diseases. Soap dispensers spend liquid soap for hand washing. With classic models, a lever is used for the activation. With the soap dispensers from Benkiser, activation is also possible via an infrared sensor – i.e. without any contact. You can find detailed information about these soap dispensers here on the Benkiser homepage. The Benkiser team is happy to be your personal partner for technical questions.

Soap dispensers play a very important role in public washrooms. These are often found in the form of foam soap dispensers, which dispense soap immediately in foam. By using the Benkiser soap dispenser, you have the option of using commercially available soap.

The soap is put into a 1L or 6L container provided for this purpose. The intelligent and individually configurable control system from Benkiser allows constant dosage of the soap. In this way, the person using it receives the right amount of soap and can clean its own hands easily and comfortably without contact. An environment-friendly aspect: The dispensing of soap according to a preset dosage reduces consumption and thus protects the environment.

Among other things, Benkiser has set its focus on touchless faucets and soap dispensers. Due to the realization of many projects, a wealth of experience has been built up since then. This enables Benkiser to develop soap dispensers for use in public washrooms that are optimally tailored to the requirements and needs of customers.

Because Benkiser develops contactless soap dispensers itself, the company is able to meet the high hygiene requirements of customers and certification bodies. Benkiser also sets its own requirements on-top, which go beyond the requirements of the official positions.

The sensors of the touch-free soap dispenser are very well hidden. This is a qualitative feature of the Benkiser soap dispensers, which raises the timeless design – already an award-worthy one – to a new level. Thanks to the contactless usability, Benkiser makes a high contribution to hygiene. Viruses and bacteria are not conveyed so easily and cross-contamination is prevented. The possible fields of application are very flexible, so the products can be operated by battery and also by transformer.

The soap dispensers can be mounted on washbasins or directly on the wall.

The intelligent system solution from Benkiser can be set individually and extensively. For example, the dosing duration and amount can be set individually to meet your own requirements. The technology ensures that the exact amount of soap is dispensed.

The soap dispenser material is made of high quality. Identical to the offered faucets, they are developed in one piece as an all-metal element. The use of high-quality materials makes using the soap dispenser a positive experience, not only because of the feeling of touchless cleanliness, but also because of the simple and convenient use.

It just works – without compromise.

In the past, the trend continued to move towards non-contact products, away from solid soap and towards liquid soap. There are many different soap dispensers in the Benkiser product portfolio. Benkiser will be happy to advise you on the various options during the project planning phase.

These are available in different colors such as gold, chrome or stainless steel. The varied shapes and colors match even the most exceptional washrooms. With Benkiser faucets and soap dispensers, every washroom is transformed into a pure oasis of well-being, conveying a cozy, hygienic and clean value – not least because annoying stains and residues are simply avoided by conventional soaps and handling without contact. A soap dispenser is therefore much more than just a simple container filled with soap. It’s about making the experience of “cleanliness” tangible – Benkiser products can do this without compromise.

On the detail pages you will find other matching products for each product, as well as the right spare parts at a glance. Due to the great design elements and the harmonious image of the products to each other, Benkiser manages to create an unprecedented harmony between elegance and technology with series such as Sintra, Metrix, Fashion and Primus. The products are a lot of fun – not only when looking at them – but also in handling, because they are practical, easy to use and also very durable.

The container for the soap dispenser usually contains liquid soap. This soap transported to the dispensing point by a hose pump, the so-called peristaltic pump. Extraordinary situations require just as extraordinary solutions. In this way, Benkiser manages to convey disinfectants in addition to liquid soap with the help of the pump.

The best example is the hand sanitizer station developed by Benkiser, with elements from the Sintra series. Due to the ability to adapt to special applications, Benkiser faucets and dispensers can also be found in educational institutions, kindergartens, swimming pools, fitness studios and saunas.

The conclusion: The soap dispensers from Benkiser ensure a great experience when using soap in public places, in the office or at home. Contactless, therefore more hygienic compared to conventional solutions, the setting of the right dosage and the timeless design ensure the optimal solution.

Get in contact. The Benkiser team will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research – right from the planning stage of your project.