It all began in 1909 when Emil Benkiser founded Benkiser & Cie. GmbH registered in the commercial register of Strasbourg and shortly afterwards the first Benkis prospectus with not fewer than 110 taps in 6 different diameters was published.

Over one century later, the spirit of Benkiser persists and continues a tradition of quality and the best workmanship. Proud of its history, Benkiser will continue to strive to deliver sanitary solutions that meet the growing requirements of a developing industry.

Such an eventful history with efforts and success shows the commitment of Benkiser to continue to offer its customers quality and the best service. The story of Benkiser with many other successes and new beginnings continues.


When Emil Benkiser registered Benkiser & Cie. GmbH in the Strasbourg register, he is considered to be a very technical head: After a short time, no fewer than 110 types of faucets are counted in a Benkiser brochure, and on top of that in 6 different diameters.

Just three years after it was founded, the young company urgently needed the necessary commercial support and a fresh start with its headquarters in Bad Cannstatt. During the First World War, Benkiser was obliged to produce street lamps.


In addition to the general economic upturn, the “Roland-Spüler” is a real milestone in the development of Benkiser. The “Roland” gives the company the opportunity to produce in large quantities and opens up new sales markets.

During World War II, copper became scarce and Benkiser had to manufacture its lever-type flush valves from die-cast zinc.


After the currency reform, Benkiser is one of the best-known brand manufacturers in the young German sanitary industry with taps, valves, batteries and sinks. These are the years of development and growth with modern production in Ludwigsburg.


The economy is booming and clever advertising experts are drawing “Benki” – the likeable Benkis advertising figure in keeping entirely in the sense of the HB male and the Erdal frog.

As part of the zone border funding, Benkiser is moving production to the new building in Burglengenfeld / Bavaria.


Test! For the first time, the German Stiftung Warentest tests the efficiency of pressure flushers and the Benkiser “Twimat” is rated as the best in its class with a grade of 2.2. Quality is convincing.

With an extensive restructuring program, Benkiser is getting fit for the new millennium.


100 years of Benkiser with an eventful history marked by successes, defeats and new beginnings.


Benkiser equips the public sanitary rooms of the pilgrim city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia with thousands of toilet flushers Art. 890.


Modern, non-contact technology! After Benkiser has been developing and selling non-contact electronic fittings for years, a new era with an expanded program is now beginning. From fittings to soap dispensers and even hand dryers, today’s public washroom should be operated without contact.


Benkiser invests in its own brand. In addition to the long-established Benkiser quality and compliance with all legal and technical standards, the appearance, especially in the digitization area, is also being upgraded.