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The urinal is solving a problem that occurs in households with separate sexes. It enables the male person to go to the toilet while standing. This procedure leads to unhygienic results in a normal toilet, since the urine can contaminate the toilet edges due to the distance to the toilet while using it. Often unmentioned is the ease of going to the toilet for men in illness-related situations, such as an enlarged prostate, in which the increased urge to urinate can often cause problems while sitting. The urinal is an ideal solution here.

Benkiser offers holistic solutions in the area of urinals. In order to increase the comfort when using the toilet, urinals are often installed in public washrooms for restaurants, swimming pools and other public toilets. In this area, Benkiser offers special contactless urinal flush valves. By avoiding the pressure of a flush button, the spread of viruses and diseases is reduced. This counteracts cross-contamination.

Benkiser has developed an intelligent control system for the urinals. This makes it possible to individually adjust the duration of a flush. To increase hygiene, the rinsing processes can be carried out without contact and an individual hygienic rinse can be set. The hygienic flush ensures an automatic flushing process at regular intervals. This makes the urinal solutions from Benkiser ideal for commercial washrooms.

Particularly noteworthy is the water saving. Due to the individual options, the water consumption during the rinsing process can be greatly reduced without loss of hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, there is hardly any water splash during the rinsing process.

The installation of the control is easy and it can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. A decisive advantage is that the control system can be supplied with power via a battery and also via the mains.

The Benkiser sensor urinal installation set with cover plate is the ideal solution for public and commercial washrooms. The concealed urinal solution can be operated with transformer or battery. The easy-to-install set is built in the wall during construction phase. After the construction and tiling work has been completed, all you have to do is put the cover plate set on the installation box and you get a hygienic, touchless, elegant solution for every urinal. The urinal set is available in stainless steel, chrome, matt black and white.

The shapely elegant urinal flush valve has become an indispensable part of many washrooms. With the Benkiser flush volume control, you can continuously adjust the amount of water per flush. This enables active water saving from as little as one liter per flush for modern urinals or higher flush volumes for older ceramic models. The all-metal design of the push button offers the necessary protection against vandalism in highly frequented sanitary rooms that place particularly high demands on the material used.

The Benkiser electronic urinal is the perfect retrofit solution for existing urinals and offers contact-free use thanks to the sensor electronic. This ensures a higher standard of hygiene, as the user does not come into contact with germs on the surface and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Due to the high quality production, the urinal valves from Benkiser are ideal for public sanitary areas, e.g. in motorway toilets. They meet the high requirements of hygiene regulations, prevent the spread of germs through contactless actuation and are equipped with important elements to protect against vandalism. The urinal is also finding its way into the private sector.

Recommendation: Targets such as a small soccer goal or a “target fly” will help to increase cleanliness in the real application field.

In the case of new buildings, the relevant inlets and outlets must be taken into account during the planning process. Detailed technical details and drawings are a must when planning the retrofitting. Therefore, on the product detail pages of the Benkiser homepage, you will find other matching products, as well as the right spare parts at a glance.

The Benkiser team will be happy to assist you on the various options during the project planning phase. So get in touch. Benkiser will be happy to advise you and thus shorten your time for extensive research.