The perfect retrofit solution for existing urinals. Touch free and hygienic

The Benkiser electronic urinal is the retrofit solution for already installed urinals and offers contact-free use thanks to the sensor electronic. The IR sensor detects the person in front of the urinal and triggers as soon as the person leaves the sensor area. This ensures a higher standard of hygiene as users do not come into contact with the germs on the surface and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Additional settings such as pre-flushing, setting the pre-set hygiene flush and adjusting the flush volume plus sensor range can be done with an optional remote control.

Power is supplied via a long-life, internal 9V block battery. You can see low battery level by sensor flashing, which means that a replacement that will soon be necessary becomes visible at an early stage. The electronic urinal flush valve is supplied with all the components required for easy surface mounting. If required, alternative flushing pipes are also available for special installation situations.

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  • Surface mounted installation
  • Recommended flow pressure: 0.5-8.0 bar
    (7.0-116.0 PSI)
  • Power supply: 9V internal battery
  • Factory setting for flush volume: 1.89 liters per flush

Data Sheets