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Benkiser is proud to present an innovative touchless solution for public washrooms that replaces the old manual faucets that are quickly becoming less popular in today’s post pandemic era. This is not, however, just any touchless faucet, this is touchless faucet with a bonus! The Sintra 2-in-1 is both a touch free faucet and automatic soap dispenser in one unit. Both fixtures have been designed from the same base, making it perfect for retrofit installations because there is no need to drill an additional hole in the basin for the soap dispenser which until now has been a separate entity. Now you can update your commercial restroom to a complete germ free environment with completely touch free soap and water just by pulling out your old faucet and replacing it with both a faucet and soap dispenser in one unit.

The Sintra 2-in-1 and is activated by a concealed infrared sensor built into the spout and is powered by 12V transformer, with a battery operated version available upon request where electricity is less convenient. The faucet spout is suitable for use with cold or premixed water and the spout of the soap dispenser closes automatically without dripping and even includes a 1 liter soap bottle and bottle support. The Sintra 2-in-1 also has an optional remote control that allows maintenance staff or management to control settings, such as soap quantity for maximum savings and a temporary off function which is available for use while cleaning is taking place.

The Sintra touch free 2-in-1 faucet and soap dispenser unit is automatically activated when users place their hands in the sensor range of the relevant spout and stops when the users remove their hands. Easy installation makes the Sintra 2-in-1 the perfect retrofit solution and with such easy maintenance it is long lasting even in the harshest and busiest locations. Sintra 2-in-1 helps washrooms stay clean, saves water and soap and is super effective in preventing cross contamination during this time when we all want to touch less in public areas, particularly public washrooms.

Combining an elegant design with vandal-resistant features Sintra 2-in-1 is ideal for offices, hotels and restaurants, airports and in fact, any commercial restroom environment, anywhere.